This year we are pleased to be able to offer you a range of workshops from both visiting musicians and Bristol Academy of Creative Music. All workshops will take place at Bristol Folk House.


Saturday 28 March | 12 - 2pm | Bristol Folk House £20 + bf

Referencing the big sound of ‘40s & ‘50s R&B guitar, this workshop will give a fresh perspective on how to add drive, style and invention to the modern Blues guitarist’s canon of licks. The course gives tips to hone your own playing including a nod to the likes of T-Bone Walker, Bill Jennings, Charlie Christian and BB King plus many lesser known but equally distinctive players. Studying these past masters will help to uncover a treasure trove of ideas for today’s guitarists.

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Sunday 29 March | 10 - 11:30am | Bristol Folk House | £5 + bf

On top of being a world renowned vocalist, New Orleans’ own Tricia Boutté is a celebrated chef presenting a fun-and-fact filled masterclass focusing on her unique twists to classic New Orleans and Cajun recipes. Get a glimpse into the secret of delicious Southern States cuisine as Tricia demonstrates how to get the best from New Orleans ‘soul food’. Bring your notebooks and prepare to impress your family and friends with dishes born out of the Mississippi Delta!

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Saturday 28 March | 2:30 - 4pm | Bristol Folk House | £8 + bf

BACM tutor Adam Stokes presents a practical instrumental Jazz workshop for soloists and rhythm section players. The session will discuss the conversational nature of Jazz, providing creative accompaniment ideas and breaking down improvisation techniques for all abilities. Participants will have the chance to perform together and receive tutor feedback on how to further develop their craft; leaving with a better understanding of developing Jazz language and practicing effectively. Instrumentalists of all ages and abilities are welcome or even if you just have a keen interest in jazz you are encouraged to join.

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Saturday 28 March | 5 - 7pm | Bristol Folk House | £8 + bf

Come and join Bristol-based jazz singer and BACM tutor Lucy Moon for
an introduction to incorporating jazz phrasing into your voice. We’ll be exploring simple and wonderfully effective tools to shake up the delivery of a song and transform it into something unique to yourself. We’ll also work on expanding your vocal communication with the instruments on stage in order to lock in with the rhythm section and work together as one machine. Suitable for singers of all levels.

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Sunday 29 March | 11:30 am - 1:30pm | Bristol Folk House £8 + bf

BACM is pleased to present an interactive workshop, giving an insight into the different roles of the jazz pianist within a trio context, open to jazz pianists of all abilities or those who just have a keen interest! The workshop will be split into two parts. ‘Arranging’; Discussing the ways of presenting the melody through the use of phrasing, rhythm, harmonic and textural ideas. Exploring big band arranging and using this tradition in a trio context (using shout choruses and rhythmic hits). Also repetition in arranging and getting the most out of the melodic material. Secondly ‘Soloing tips’; Talk about the use of repetition in a solo to give form, talk about using short motifs in a solo. How to build a solo and ways to create tension (playing over the bar line). There will also be an opportunity for participants to perform at the end and for the group to critique.

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Sunday 29 March | 2 - 4pm | Bristol Folk House | Free

An opportunity to play and interact with the BACM jazz tutors, Greg Sterland and Federico Leonori. For an afternoon, be part of the band in a non judgmental and supportive environment where jazz musicians of all abilities are welcome. Throughout the session the tutors will be offering practical tips and suggestions on how to improve your skills.


BACM is a new independent music school founded by Bristol musicians Federico Leonori & Greg Sterland. The aim is to provide community driven education from top quality tutors at affordable prices. The Academy offers a wide range of group classes, workshops and ensembles ranging from Jazz, Songwriting, Vocals, Drums & Percussion, Guitar, Piano and Music Therapy.

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