- Connecting people through the universal language of Music -


“Jazz expresses the hopes & dreams of the people” – Dexter Gordon

“Jazz is the power of Now” – Wynton Marsalis

“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life” – Art Blakey



Established in 2013 by a dedicated collective of musicians and creatives, Bristol Jazz Festival (BJF) is committed to upholding the rich tradition of world-class jazz in our vibrant city. As a fervent grassroots organisation, we are driven by a shared passion to cultivate joy within our community and create experiences that foster togetherness and nourish the soul.


In March 2024, we embark on an exciting new chapter as we relocate to the Tobacco Factory Theatre, situating ourselves at the heart of the dynamic and diverse South Bristol community. This move is not merely a change of venue but a strategic step towards immersing ourselves in a community that mirrors our commitment to inclusivity and creativity, with the aim of expanding our devoted Jazz Festival audience.


Our ethos revolves around community-minded initiatives, providing a stage for local musicians alongside our world-class programming, and ensuring that the magic of music is accessible to all. We are more than a jazz festival, we actively contribute to the growth of our local community, constantly exploring innovative avenues.

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