We are unbelievably honoured to have three giants of the funk genre gracing our main stage this year. The names Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley stand tall as pioneers of funk in the 1960s. Taking their inspiration from the jazz masters of the '40s and '50s, they redefined the word 'groove' and have inspired countless pop, soul and funk stars ever since. Working with James Brown they created the greatest horn section in history with riffs and harmonies that are still the benchmark today.

Maceo Parker brings his band to Bristol for the first time and it goes without saying his performance will be a major highlight of this year's festival. Expect high-energy funk, soul and blues of the sort only Maceo can deliver.

Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley will take us in the other direction with their Back to Jazz Big Band. Their show will revisit the music that inspired them to become two of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

We're also taking bets on the three of them appearing on stage together at some point during the festival!

Maceo Parker - Saturday, March 19th 21:00 (Tickets £30-£20)
Pee Wee Ellis & Fred Wesley's Back to Jazz Big Band - Sunday, March 20th 15:00 (Tickets £25-£16)


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