Help #SaveBristolJazzFest

We are calling on our friends and supporters to help secure the future of the charity.


The Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival is a charity - run by a small, passionate team of eight who have a shared love of great music. We work hard all year to put a diverse and engaging programme together for all to enjoy every March.

We are proud to have spent the last seven years creating a high profile platform for thousands of musicians. The Festival has: commissioned many new projects, opened up jazz to 1000s of people of all ages with packed free-stage programmes and given musicians of all abilities the chance to learn from top international players.  We hope you have enjoyed each one. We have had a blast...

Macy Gray

Why are we crowdfunding?

With cuts to funding, we rely on ticket sales and the support of individuals and companies and the current financial climate has naturally put pressure on all fronts, compounded by the 'Beast from the East' which hit the 2018 Festival. This precarious funding situation has meant that in delivering an outstanding artistic programme, we have pushed ourselves to the point where we have no choice but to reach out to you, our friends and supporters. If you have enjoyed the event in its many forms please donate anything you can for some unique offers, and help ensure the Festival continues into 2020 and beyond.

Lisa Simone - 2016.

4 Reasons to donate...

1. We are 'Made in Bristol'

We are a charity and a home-grown festival. The Festival is run by a small, dedicated team and we are supported across the weekend by a team of amazing volunteers. We believe strongly in the idea of creating and sustaining a platform for all musicians. We have the development of local talent at the heart of what we do and we aim to contribute to making this city what it is - one of the best cities to visit on the cultural calendar!

Perfectly Frank, a tribute to Frank Sinatra with Bristol Jazz Festival Choir - 2016.
Our amazing volunteer programme

"Fantastic festival...Well make me proud to be Bristolian - Angie V Birkett"

Swing Dancers outside Colston Hall - 2014.

2. We bring new commissions to Bristol

Alongside international stars such as Macy Gray, Dr John, Arturo Sandoval, Melody Gardot and Pee Wee Ellis, we have presented world premieres of new music, and commission local established and emerging artists to create new music. Some of the stand-out moments follow...

Metropolis - 2017

"First-rate and something Bristol should take some pride in hosting" - Brian McCulloch Jnr

Electric Ladyland - 2018
Bristopolis - Get the Blessing 2018

3. We celebrate local talent

What makes this festival truly special is the unbelievable amount of talented local musicians that contribute every year, from the renowned - Andy Sheppard and Get the Blessing - to the emerging, and who perform both ticketed and free stage concerts for all to enjoy. Here are just a few of the thousands of local musicians that have performed on our free stage...

"An amazing international festival and love the way it is a celebration of local talent too!" - Kim Cypher

We are Leif - 2018
Balloon Bar Free Stage

And many of those have gone on to become international stars...

Elles Bailey - 2019
Hannah Williams & The Affirmations - 2019

4. We aim to inspire the next generation

Our workshops and masterclass programme have allowed many of us, young and old, to learn from the best. We were pleased this year to bring the material from our touring schools programme to the Festival with our first children's workshop - which sold out.

Pee Wee Ellis workshop - 2015.
Matt Schofield workshop at Bristol Folk House - 2018

"I love this festival, the vibe is warm and...It is lovely to see kids having a boogie alongside gnarly, die-hard music fans"

Kids enjoying music - 2018

See more of our 'Best Bits' HERE

One final word from Artistic Director, Denny Ilett...

"In these challenging and confusing times, I feel we need entertaining now more than ever! With music being stripped away from school curriculums, funding for the arts at an all time low and festivals, clubs and arts centres closing or struggling to survive, we hope that you will join us in helping reverse this alarming trend by supporting our efforts to bring world class jazz and blues to Bristol as well as continuing to provide creative opportunities to local musicians..."

So....whether you’re a ticket buyer, musician, workshop participant or free-stage fan, we are asking you to make a pledge.


THANK YOU from all of the team.

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