Andy Sheppard

March 24, 2024 4:00 pm -

Factory Theatre

Andy Sheppard Trio is a brand new  project led by the saxophonist and composer who has established himself as one of Europe’s leading contemporary jazz figures. It  features the pianist Rita Marcotulli and Carlos Bica on double bass. The music for this trio was written during the early months of 2021, a period which allowed Sheppard the opportunity to dedicate his time almost exclusively to compositional work. Andy Sheppard is not only renown for his compelling voice on saxophone but also for the mastery shown in choosing his musical partners and this trio is no exception. For this project Sheppard invites Carlos Bica, whose unique approach to his instrument as well as his unforgettable lyrical tone on the double bass has carved him the reputation as the most influential portuguese jazz musician, whilst the acclaimed pianist Rita Marcotulli has long been internationally renowned as an icon of Italian jazz. Andy Sheppard’s Trio marks an unprecedented encounter between three highly individual musicians, all of which had a big role in shaping what we call the sound of European jazz today. In this new trio, Sheppard has the opportunity to take a spirited, fresh approach to his writing, honouring jazz in its tradition, based on his free-flowing melodic compositions, inviting each member to venture into infinite possibilities for improvisation, whilst retaining an open aesthetic at its core. Collectively exploring, a music anchored in structure but open to lyricism, free to choose new paths and take on different directions in the making. An encounter between three long-established distinctive voices in the field, who are responsible for bringing forward some of the highest level of music making on the European jazz scene.

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