60 Seconds with Liane Carroll

Liane Carroll has been a pillar of the British jazz and soul scene for over thirty-five years and has dedicated her career to creating a deep and abiding connection with audiences all over the world through her exceptional talent, versatility and ability to truly interpret a song. She joins us at the Festival on Saturday 23 March and we caught up with her in advance of the show...

Do you remember the first record you bought?

Yes. It was Pick up the Pieces by The Average White Band. I got it from Woolworths. Before that, I listened to my Mum and grandparents' records which were a wonderful mixture of big bands, Musicals, Hawaiian guitar favourites, Englebert Humperdink and Manuel's music of the mountains among others!

You've been on the jazz and soul scene for over thirty- five years now. What would be your advice for young people entering into the music business?

I worked Saturdays and then full time in music shops and so was in heaven. Then started getting the odd gig and it very slowly grew from there. I know nothing about the business side and there are many fab experts and courses within music colleges that concentrate on that area.

Musically I have too much advice to put here but am always willing to answer any questions. I don’t consider myself a technician, more an interpreter.

Who are you most proud to have worked with?

More than I could count. Everybody you share music with that has the same heart about it and the same love for it will do for me, and I have been blessed hundreds of times. Obviously, I adore playing with my husband Roger as I first heard him when I was 15, (39 years ago) and he has been in my trio from the beginning. I won't start gushing here!

What can people expect from your concert at St George’s Bristol?

I am so excited to bring Roger and Russell Field here. My beloved trio. They are both incredible and we hope you enjoy us playing our favourite songs by our favourite composers, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Tom Waites, Laura Nyro, Donald Fagen and more.

Liane will be performing on Saturday 23 March at St George's and will be running a workshop. 


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